And a Happy New Year!

If ever a year should be dismissed
2001 would head our list.
Sept. 11 made life sad —
But, wait, the year wasn’t all bad!
Many people we met made us quite happy
So allow us to be just a little bit sappy.
Let’s remember those whose talents are ample.
WMMQ’s Tim and Deb (and Keith) are an example.
And the Creole Gal’ry’s Robert and Meegan
put us year round in the Christmas season.
A plaudit another Old Towner earns
is The Temple Club’s indomitable Diane Burns.
As do Bob Fish and Mary Roszel,
who continue to serve Beaner’s coffee so well.
Todd Belvin has been a friend to all –
a Spider welcome on anyone’s wall.
To Message Makers Terry2
a very happy New Year to you.
And the whole crew at the Golden Harvest
Deserves a 2001 of nonstop fest.
On Seymour is the great Katy Donovan.
When it comes to PR, she da (wo)man!
To our politician friends downtown who have been friendly,
Among them Harold Leeman, Curt Hertel and Rep. Murphy,
— and let’s not forget Southsider Lling Brewer
whose State Senate campaign is starting to purr —
we offer to them all this sincere hope:
that voters will never say nope.
We know at times Mayor Hollister
has found City Pulse to be a bit of a burr.
But we do think you’re performing nicely,
although a few things are getting dicey.
Take your neighborhood development policy
on the corner of Butler and Genessee.
“Oh, no,” you declare, “that was never a park”
as the city park sign disappears in the dark.
From the Wolverine pipeline we may need protection,
but how come you said nothing before the election?
And to the good Reverend named Lester
We know you tried your damnedest to best her.
Over the years, you delivered the vote.
So how come the Democrats weren’t in your boat?
And even to the Council-elect’s Geneva
We offer our prayer — that the voters don’t heave ya.
Out in East Lansing we thank folks in so many quarters
For being among the Pulse’s charter supporters.
All over Greater Lansing people have embraced us —
Well, maybe the Journal hasn’t made a big fuss.
For down on Lenawee we don’t feel so welcome.
(Though we know we’re liked there by some.)
And lest we forget, we must thank those who were there
To support us when skies were cloudy, not fair.
For Lucifer did in our side plant a Thorn
But thanks to our friends we were again born.
Through Tom Helma and John Huebler and Plymouth Ed
Our soul was nourished, our ego fed.
Let’s also recall those close to home
Who produce each City Pulse tome:
There are Chad, Barb, Kate, Scott, Lamont and Heather.
And the Clarks and the Teeds who in all kinds of weather
are on the streets delivering the Pulse to all
Under the guidance of Dinah’s l’ll brother Paul.
And the one who defected from Citizen Kane,
A shave-headed Yaw by the name of Elaine.
To our restaurant writer Ben Kohrman
Expect Villagas to show you the door, mon.
And Greg Starks’ push for local cable service
Is making AT&T exceedingly nervous.
As for John Pollard, who writes about Lansing
Don’t expect the mayor your praises to sing.
The silver-tongued Henry has turned on the lights
About how we must protect all’s civil rights.
For her writing we praise Anne Tracy
None of it frilly, none of it lacy
Brian McKenna’s fans are many
Though in MSU’s administration building we doubt there are any.
And gracing our covers many a week
Are original Bilickis and Kovars that just can’t be beat.
To so many more we cannot thank you enough
For contributing so much incredible stuff.
Your stories, photos, drawings and don’t forget advertising
Make every new issue of City Pulse sing.
And to our dear readers who pick us up,
Let us now raise a cup
Of holiday cheer
And wish all of you a Happy New Year!
—Berl Schwartz







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