SCENE - December 26, 2001

Eric Denby
Eric Denby

East Lansing rings in 2001

That time is finally here. As you can see from this issue’s cover, New Year’s is the story (you’ll find some words of wisdom below on where, when and how to have a good time in East Lansing). Switching gears now — plan on the Best of the Scene poll in early January. It will have response from local media and other industry types (and make sure to send your two cents to Denby@city-pulse.com).
Now, enjoy, have a great holiday and remember to hug all your relatives (including that cousin who used to kick your, well, you know.)

New Year’s (minus the widespread panic and public hysteria)

All of us come out of the womb knowing just a few things — how to say ‘no’ when asked to clean and knowing that New Year’s Eve is one gigantic party. East Lansing, as always, doesn’t disappoint when it comes to your entertaining needs. For an evening of romance, candles and some dinner check out Beggars Banquet. If you’re in the mood for a five-course meal and maybe some laid-back jazz go to Troppo. Now, switching gears and while wearing casual, make your way over to Buffalo Wild Wings for a buffet, tunes and, of course, beer. Some of you may enjoy dressing up and “clubbing” — if so, Harper’s Downtown has Infinite Entertainment and a $10 cover charge. Live music is a staple for Rick’s American Café, so New Year’s has two hot bands — The Green Room and Under Construction. Let’s say your pocket book is small and the piggy bank has already been pillaged — The Riv is your destination with a DJ and a reasonable cover (don’t quote me, but a few bucks is the scoop on the street). Finally, don’t forget about The Dollar Nightclub and Huckleberry Groove. Please remember not to drink and drive, always tip your bartenders and wait staff and take pictures of any funky things your friends do (for public embarrassment on the Internet).

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