Property: 902 E. Grand River Ave., Lansing

Owner: CNB RE Holdings II LLC

Assessed value: $88,800

Owner says: Could not be reached for comment

Although this building features the truncated “witches hat” roof characteristic of nationally known fast-food franchise Pizza Hut, it was once the home of Lansing’s Famous Taco. Now vacant and boarded, its falling soffit is precariously held up by the former restaurant’s mechanical equipment. In a show of disregard toward the residents of nearby homes, even the Realtor’s sign is neglected and collapsed.

Mixed zoning rightly allows for commercial enterprises in or near residential neighborhoods. Carefully considered, the varied uses can be mutually beneficial. However, this building makes no attempt to engage nearby residents or any nonvehicular traffic. Customer entrances are designed for convenience to the automobile, not the pedestrian. The drive-thru “entrance” even allows patrons to collect their food without the intolerable inconvenience of leaving one’s car.

The building is well-sited at the front corner of the lot. Unfortunately, a blank wall addresses the nearby sidewalk, while the main entrance and most windows face inward, toward the parking lot. Given the choice, most patrons prefer a view of activity on the street. More important, potential patrons appreciate early glimpses into an establishment, to gain a sense of the atmosphere and the composition of fellow customers. By turning its back to the public, this building offers no such preview. In an apparent response to this slight, the public has turned its back on this building.

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