May 17 2014 12:00 AM

Boles, now home, refuses comment, won’t say when she will return


FRIDAY, May 16 — Lansing City Council President A’Lynne Boles is home recuperating after being hospitalized, but she refused to comment or to say when she will return to City Hall.

When asked if the public had a right to know if she would be present to vote on the city budget, which is scheduled for Monday night, she responded: “The public will see on Monday. You will see on Monday.”

Nor would she say why she was hospitalized at Sparrow, which confirmed Thursday that she had been discharged. “I won’t be doing that. That’s a complete invasion of privacy.”

Sources say that the hospitalization is related to a bowel obstruction from a previous gastric bypass surgery.

Although Boles cited privacy for refusing to talk about the procedure or what effect it may have on budget proceedings, on Wednesday, she publicly posted three Facebook statuses that appear to be about the hospitalization:

“Although gum is not food after 3 days NPO it sure does taste good...trying to hang tough but enough is enough! Gheeeze — feeling annoyed.”

“Chicken broth and yellow jello are thheeee most delicious things in the world right now!”

And finally:


City Pulse reported in July 2009 that Boles had experienced a previous hospitalization which caused her to miss multiple Council meetings. It also reported that Boles had announced information publicly on her Facebook at that time as well:

“Had Emergency surgery. Cut from top of ribs to belly button ... 25 stitches later back home with some strong meds. It was a ‘kink’ in the intestines.”