Property: Beaumont Tower, East Lansing

This grand icon of Michigan State University was built in 1928-29. It is located on the former site of College Hall, which served as the first instructional building at MSU and had collapsed in the previous decade. The tower rises above its brick covered plaza to a height of 104 feet, overlooking the Campus Circle.

Lancet arches featuring delicate window tracery, which exemplify the Collegiate Gothic style, are set within the smooth stone base. The building rises through stoneaccented brick buttresses and culminates in a carved stone cap, where its similarity to medieval Gothic cathedrals is most evident. Note the tower’s northeast finial, which is markedly more elaborate than the others.

A bas-relief Art Deco sculpture entitled The Sower is located above the main entrance. The sculpture includes the inscription "Whatsoever a Man Soweth," no doubt acknowledging the University’s roots as an agricultural college, and possibly noting the result of students’ commitment to learning and society’s responsibility to support education.

This month is the perfect time to visit this landmark structure. The carillon is being played each Wednesday during the Muelder Summer Carillon Series Recitals. Concerts run throughout the month of July and begin at 6 p.m., so pack a picnic supper and head to campus.

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