Property: 108 S. Hosmer St., Lansing Owner: 108 Hosmer LLC Assessed Value: $227,000

There is good news about this week’s eyesore: It is apparently on its way to being an eye candy. A 2001 fire badly damaged the vacant apartment building visible from Michigan Avenue, but the owners say they hope to reopen it in October as the Avenue Apartments.

“This building has the potential to be remarkable. It is beautifully detailed with decorative stone and brick accents, from the arches and basket weave pattern near the cornice to the carved stone caps on the main parapet. The front of the building is dressed with soldier and rowlock courses, where a grand, brick archway welcomes would-be residents.

“While the boarded windows are unsightly, they may be covered to safeguard them from damage during renovation or from vandalism during the lengthy vacancy. However, the rear of the building is fully open to the elements. In some places, a layer of the face brick has peeled off the elevation, threatening extensive damage if the condition is not improved. Construction timelines are often altered and extended. If a protracted schedule is expected, a simple jobsite sign might help passersby identify the project’s partners, their plans, and a scheduled end date. We look forward to the return of this building to productive use.”

—Dan Bollman

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