Property: 1044 Sunset Lane, East Lansing Owner: Janice Pfeifer Assessed: $89,600

At first glance, this innocuous house is typical of those throughout its neighborhood. It displays a pleasant, simple mass, offset by tired synthetic siding. However, the retractable awning is a throwback to low-tech solutions to heating and cooling a house. However charming, this small detail does not diminish the crumpled remains of an enclosed porch on the side of the house.

The porch appears to be a casualty of disrepair, neglect and Mother Nature. Despite their popularity in modern architecture, flat roofs are ill-fitted to the Midwest’s cold, wet climate.

This past winter’s deep, heavy snows undoubtedly tested the limits of the unfortunate porch. As it was located on the home’s north side, the sun had little opportunity to reduce the snow load through melting. Months later, the porch remains in a heap next to the building.

— Daniel E. Bollman, AIA

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