Jan. 21 2015 12:00 AM

Local woman creates same-sex mobile app


If you are gay in Lansing how do you know if a restaurant is safe to take a date to?

How could you show support for your favorite lesbian-owned business?

Or maybe you’re transgender and you want to find a gym that’s accepting and safe.

Emily Brozovic created People Like Me (www.peoplelikemeapp.com), a mobile app for the greater Lansing area to help “I wanted to develop something people could use,” which she did as part of her master´s thesis at Michigan State University.

“It´s easy to boycott and complain when businesses don´t treat us as equals (and we´re not saying that awareness of these practices shouldn´t be made), but what if we flipped that idea and instead more openly shared which businesses DO treat us fairly?,” a statement on the website reads. “We believe in recognizing businesses who are LGBTfriendly by offering a platform for the community to build upon. Let´s come together and support those who support us. We can´t do this alone.

You can use the app to search for businesses by category like fitness, food, hair & body, spiritual and pets.

Users rate organizations and can leave comments.

One user left this comment about Zoobies Old Town Tavern: “Yes! Go here! Very friendly place, full of a wonderful mix of every color, gender, sex, age and orientation. A very chill, welcoming place to go for all.”

Even cities can be rated. Someone gave Portland a rating of two hearts. Lansing got four.

The app is available in Beta test mode to use via desktop or on your mobile browser. When it’s out of beta it will be available in app format.

Brosovic, 32, of Grand Ledge, said she hopes to have an official release in June to “ramp up for Pride.”

She created the app, which is based on the Yelp database and maps, with a team of four developers. They are Elizabeth Henderson, Mike and Cheryl Smallwood and Wes Warnell.

“I never felt like I fit on the activist side” of same-sex advocacy, said Brozovic. “This is my way of making a contribution.”