June 1 2016 11:40 AM

Top of the Town winners welcome newcomers

Best Dining

Best Asian Buffet: Ukai Hibachi Grill & Sushi Bar — Okemos Get dinner and a show at Ukai Hibachi Grill & Sushi Bar. Ukai has been entertaining its guests with its food preparation for over 20 years now, all while providing one of the best buffets in town.

2. Asian Buffet — Okemos

3. Hibachi Grill Sushi Buffet

Best Bakery: Bake n' Cakes The motto at Bake n’ Cakes is “butter makes it better,” and apparently Lansing agrees. The bakery at the southwestern edge of Frandor takes home this year’s award for best bakery.

2. Roma Bakery

3. Glazed & Confused

Best Barbecue: Meat Southern BBQ & Carnivore Cuisine Leading the pack in Lansing’s barbecue renaissance is Meat, Old Town’s purveyor of smoked meats.

2. Saddleback BBQ

3. Famous Dave’s

Best Breakfast: Golden Harvest Golden Harvest isn’t a restaurant. It’s a temple devoted to breakfast. Golden Harvesters willingly stand for hours in line for the chance to sit in a cramped diner while being blasted with punk rock music, all for the chance to sample Golden Harvest’s breakfast concoctions.

2. Soup Spoon Café

3. Fleetwood Diner

Best Burger: Crunchy's Just a stone’s throw away from MSU’s campus, Crunchy’s has been serving up half-pound burgers and buckets of beer for 33 years.

2. Five Guys Burgers & Fries

3. Dagwood's

Best Chinese: P.F. Chang’s P.F. Chang’s extensive menu provides its guests with all the variety they could ask for.

2. Chen’s Restaurant

3. Charlie Kang’s East Lansing

Best Cocktails: Zoobie's Zoobie’s has a full bar, but its specialty is a lineup of variations on the Moscow Mule, all served in the traditional copper cups.

2. Houlihan's

3. American Fifth Spirits

Best Craft Beer Selection:

HopCat When it comes to craft beer selection, it’s hard to beat HopCat’s 100 drafts.

2. Lansing Brewing Co.

3. Crunchy's

Best Dessert: MSU Dairy Store With Big Ten-themed flavors like Buckeye Blitz and Terrapin Toffee Twirl, the MSU Dairy Store has been satisfying campus ice cream cravings for years.

2. Grand Traverse Pie Co.

3. Bake n' Cakes

Best Diner: Golden Harvest Leave your expectations of what a diner should look like at the door when you enter Golden Harvest. Tradition isn’t on the menu at this unique breakfast spot.

2. Fleetwood Diner

3. Good Truckin' Diner

Best Fish Fry: Eastside Fish Fry This no-nonsense fish shop serves up a variety of fresh fish, lightly battered and expertly seasoned.

2. Claddagh

3. Fresh Fish Market

Best Fries: HopCat Hot, crispy french fries, lightly beer-battered and sprinkled with salt and cracked black pepper — those are Crack Fries, HopCat’s signature menu item. The East Lansing location has been serving up the famed fries since 2013.

2. Five Guys Burgers & Fries

3. Cosmos

Best Greek: Lou and Harry’s Fast casual eatery Lou and Harry’s, Louha’s to regulars, serves up Greek specialties like gyros and spinach pie, as well as a full complement of salads, sandwiches and burgers.

2. Olga’s

3. Zeus’ Coney Island

Best Ice Cream Shop: MSU Dairy With a flavor for every school in the Big Ten and then some, the MSU Dairy Store has become a go-to ice cream spot for students and locals alike.

2. Tasty Twist

3. ColdStone Creamery

Best Italian: DeLuca’s North Lansing Italian joint Deluca’s has been whipping up Italian specialties since before many of our readers were born. Founded in 1960 as the Willow Bar, this restaurant has a faithful following among pasta and pizza lovers.

2. Cugino’s

3. Bravo

Best Mediterranean: Woody’s Oasis Woody’s Oasis takes this year’s prize for Best Mediterranean. The local chain specializes in Mediterranean staples like shawarma, kebabs, hummus and baklava.

2. Zaytoon

3. Aladdin’s

Best Mexican: El Azteco Now in its 40th year, East Lansing eatery El Azteco took home the prize for Best Mexican food this year. Taco fans can celebrate the victory by raising a margarita on El Az’s rooftop patio.

2. Cancun Mexican Grill

3. El Oasis truck

Best New Restaurant: Lansing Brewing Co. Home of the Angry Mayor IPA, Lansing Brewing Co. has quickly become a downtown Lansing hotspot. The brewery takes this year’s award for Best New Restaurant.

2. Creole Coffee Co./The Creole

3. Saddleback BBQ

Best Pizza: DeLuca’s This north Lansing pizza joint serves up everything from traditional pies to a seafood pizza with imitation crab and shrimp to a Philadelphia special topped with roast beef and onions.

2. Cosmos

3. Pizza House

Best Sandwich/Deli: Jersey Giant Michigan-based sandwich chain Jersey Giant has been serving up New Jersey-style subs to Greater Lansing since 1979.

2. Soup Spoon Café

3. Jimmy Johns

Best Seafood: Mitchell’s Fish Market Guests can treat themselves to seafood dishes like bacon wrapped barbeque shrimp and tempura lobster bites and happy hour martinis at Eastwood Towne Center’s Mitchell’s Fish Market.

2. Red Lobster

3. Maru

Best Steak: Capital Prime Eastwood Towne Center’s Capital Prime has become Greater Lansing’s go-to spot for quality steak. Guests can treat themselves to steaks like the New York strip and the hanger steak in an upscale atmosphere.

2. Texas Roadhouse

3. Knight Cap

Best Sushi: Maru Maru offers beautiful, colorful displays of sushi, featuring fresh ingredients like tuna, squid, salmon and eel.

2. Sansu

3. Ukai (West Lansing)

Best Thai: Bangkok House Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Bangkok House, which reopened in January after a kitchen fire forced it to close for seven months, returns to capture this year’s Best Thai award.

2. No Thai!

3. Thai Princess

Best Upscale Dining: Capital Prime Eastwood Towne Center steakhouse Capital Prime is known for its high-quality entrees and upscale atmosphere.

2. English Inn

3. Soup Spoon Café

Best Vegetarian/Vegan/Glutenfree: Soup Spoon Cafe City Pulse readers voted Soup Spoon Cafe’s variety of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options as the best in the region.

2. Red Haven

3. Better Health Store

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