June 1 2016 11:40 AM

Top of the Town winners welcome newcomers

Best Local Music

Best Cover Band: Starfarm Local ‘80s cover band Starfarm celebrates the era of pegged jeans, mullets and Aqua Net, performing a mix of the decade’s greatest hits.

2. Soulstice

3. Frog & the Beeftones

Best Classical Musician: Ed Fedewa When he’s not leading the bass section at the Lansing Symphony, Ed Fedewa teaches at Central Michigan University and Lansing Community College. He’s a well-rounded musician who can often be found holding down the low end in local rock and jazz outfits.

2. Sergei Kvitko

3. Rodney Page

Best Club DJ: Donnie D DJ Donnie D is known for his wide range of of influences and high-energy live show. The Michigan native has warmed up the stage for acts like Kid Rock, Jason Aldean and LMFAO.

2. Capitol City DJs

3. Ruckus

Best Folk Band/Artist: Lansing Unionized Vaudeville Spectacle With original tunes and covers ranging from Americana to gypsyjazz to blues and vaudeville, the Lansing Unionized Vaudeville Spectacle combines music, puppets, dancers and over-the-top stage antics into wildly creative live show.

2. Frog & the Beeftones

3. Jen Sygit

Best Hip-Hop Group/Artist: Scratch Pilots Local DJ team Scratch Pilots took the win for Best Hip-Hop Group/Artist this year. The group’s weekly DJ jam session, Turntable Tuesday, takes over the Green Door most Tuesday nights.

2. James Gardin

3. Ribcage

Best Jazz Group/Artist: MSU Professors of Jazz MSU’s Professors of Jazz, a supergroup of MSU jazz faculty, takes home the brand new award for Best Jazz Group/Artist.

2. Phil Denny

3. Root Doctor

Best Radio Station: 89FM The Impact MSU’s college radio station hit the airwaves in 1989, bringing the East Lansing community a steady stream of alternative rock, local music and under-the-radar gems.

2. 97.5 Now FM

3. 100.7 WITL

Best Rock Band/Artist: Cheap Girls Comprised of Ian Graham, Ben Graham and Adam Aymor, local power pop band Cheap Girls takes home the award for Best Rock Band/ Artist.

2. Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers

3. Taylor Taylor

Best People

Best Bartender: Caitlan McSweeney at Zoobie’s Zoobie’s drink-slinger Caitlan McSweeney captures the Best Bartender award for the second year in a row.

2. Craig Doepker at Mac’s

3. Sarah Fandel at REO Town Pub

Best CATA Bus Driver: Ron De Leon CATA driver and local MMA promoter Ron DeLeon takes home this year’s award for Best CATA Bus Driver.

2. Lamarr Braggs

3. Colleen Whalen

Best Local Advocate/Activist:

Rick Preuss Owner and operator of Preuss Pets, Rick Preuss was voted Best Local Advocate/Activist. Preuss Pets has been operating for over 31 years, offering training and information on keeping pets happy and healthy.

2. Barb Byrum

3. Mike Karl

Best Local Comedian: Dwayne Gill Lansing-based comedian Dwayne Gill tours the country performing comedy, hitting iconic venues like Caroline’s Comedy Club in New York and the Comedy Connection in Boston.

2. Melik Brown

3. Jason Carlen

Best Local FM/AM Radio Personality: Josh Strickland Josh Strickland anchors the morning slot on 97.5 NOW FM. A 20-year veteran in radio, Strickland has been an on-air DJ with 97.5 since 2007.

2. Banana Don and Stephanie Mc- Coy

3. Joey Pants and Deb Hart

Best Local TV News Personality:

Andy Provenzano Our readers trust WILX meteorologist Andy Provenzano, this year’s choice for Best Local TV News Personality.

2. Sheri Jones

3. Jane Aldrich

Best Massage Therapist: Creative Wellness Creative Wellness offers a wide selection of natural health services, classes and products, including massage therapy, acupuncture, and yoga classes.

2. Bee Queener Massage Therapy

3. Maryann Hancock

Best Restaurant Wait Staff: Tim Gleason at Golden Harvest Tim Gleason earned this year’s Best Restaurant Wait Staff award, delivering Cereal Killer San’wiches and S&M Scrambles in a dining room that’s roughly the size of a walk-in closet.

2. Keisha Lomax at Soup Spoon

3. Vanessa Vicknair at Golden Harvest

Best Seamstress/Tailor: Nu the Tailor West Lansing’s Nu the Tailor takes this year’s award for Best Seamstress/ Tailor.

2. Liz’s Alteration Shop

3. (tie) Silver Threads and Kim the Tailor

Best Uber Driver: Nick Berry Uber Drivers has arrived in Lansing, and our readers selected Nick Berry as Best Uber Driver.

2. Travis Stoliker

3. Amanda Bernes

Best Local/State Politician:

Gretchen Whitmer Former state senator and newly minted interim Ingham County prosecutor, Gretchen Whitmer takes home this year’s award for Best Local/State Politician. Last year, Whitmer said she is “seriously looking at” a gubernatorial run in 2018. That office, of course, is held by … .

2. Virg Bernero

3. Debbie Stabenow

Worst State/Local Politician:

Rick Snyder Thanks to a water crisis in Flint that has drawn the ire of pundits and politicians nationwide, Gov. Rick Snyder coasted to an easy victory in Worst State/Local Politician. In a year of prostitution scandals, City Hall shenanigans and adulterous lawmakers, the tough nerd still pets the most peeves among our readers.

2. Stuart Dunnings III

3. Virg Bernero

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