Nov. 12 2008 12:00 AM

332 Bingham St., Lansing


The house at 332 Bingham St. on Lansing east side is like a child in a Charles Dickens novel: neglected — also, abandoned, red-tagged and rife with rusted children’s toys.

Front windows are boarded up and windows that are not sealed are covered on the inside with blankets and bed sheets.

Different layers of shingles are falling apart or just falling off the roof. The paint on the house is a dirty gray-blue with paint worn and peeling on both front and back porches. The back door looks weathered and has a 2-foot-wide swath of rust across it. A bag of trash sits on the back steps, and a satellite dish has fallen from the roof and into the tall weeds that surround the house.

In the back, a broken down basketball hoop, net-less and with the rim hanging down, sits next to a small double-door garage.

A neighbor alleged that the owner, Carol Freed, who bought the house in 2006, has done nothing but cut the grass a few times. Freed could not be reached for comment.