Nov. 19 2008 12:00 AM

529 N Butler Blvd., Lansing

(Nathan Harris/City Pulse)

Address: 529 N Butler Blvd., Lansing
Owner: Michael Hayes
Taxpayer: Michael Hayes
Assessed Value: $37,100
Owner Says: Unavailable for comment

The red graffiti on the front porch of 529 N. Butler Blvd. is the most striking thing about the house. It starts in the front and curves around the right side of the white-painted particleboard that walls the front porch. A closer look, though, reveals that there is so much more to dislike.

There is evidence a meal has been eaten on the creaky, unstable porch. A Dominos' pizza box shares space with other debris and a pile of newspapers and mail.

The wood siding is crumbling, especially around windows and the paint is bubbling up all over the house. A small window near the top of the house is broken. The brick chimney has a dangerous-looking lean to it and a gutter in the back has broken free to hang below the roofline.

There is a notice of foreclosure stuck to the front door. March 2009 is the date of the final hearing. A neighbor said 529 has been vacant since at least 2005, and that it and its ilk hurt the neighborhood and drive down property values.

The house has changed hands five times in the last nine years according to city records. Current owner Michael Hayes of Bradenton, Fla., could not be reached for comment.

— Nathan Harris

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