Nov. 26 2008 12:00 AM

Address: 906 Drury Lane, Lansing
Owner: Wells Fargo Bank
Taxpayer: Wells Fargo Bank
Assessed Value: $24,500
Owner Says: Unavailable

If the Muffin Man lives in this house on Drury Lane, he’s probably up to something a little more nefarious than just making baked treats. Red and silver graffiti run up both sides of the house and across the rear porch and door. The pale yellow paint job is dirty and faded, and there are a few large, black burn spots on the front porch where some slats have been pulled loose.

The front door and some windows are boarded, others windows are smashed or have their screens kicked in. The empty frame of a “for sale” sign is stuck in the yard — the sign is long gone — and someone has torn off the house’s mailbox and tossed it into a nearby snow pile. The house has been red-tagged since October 2007, according to the tag. Wells Fargo Bank bought it at auction in July of this year. A neighbor said the bank has been taking groups of people through the house in an attempt to sell it.