Dec. 23 2008 12:00 AM

Address: 1311 Greenwood Ave., Lansing


Address: 1311 Greenwood Ave., Lansing
Owner: Doyen Frazier Taxpayer: Doyen Frazier
Assessed Value: $32,400
Owner says: Unavailable

First off: What’s the point of boarding-up just one half of one window when there are many, many other windows? Is that one window more permeable than all the rest? Anyway, it doesn’t appear that the windows are of utmost concern: someone or something seems to have tried to pry into the garage through one of the top slats.

Either that, or it’s just falling apart. This eyesore, however, is a little sadder than most. It looks like it’s recently been foreclosed upon. According to city records, Doyen Frazier bought the house earlier this summer from the Bank of New York at a sheriff’s sale. Has it been foreclosed on — again — since then? We don’t know: Frazier’s listed in the phonebook as living at this address, but a phone call placed to the listed number leads to a “sorry, this phone number has been disconnected” message.

There was too much snow to get up close and personal with this house. But it’s in a relatively nice neighborhood with a lot of occupied homes; its single boarded up window and damaged garage door stands in contrast to its neighbors. (Except, actually, the house across the street, which is boarded-up and falling apart — but that’s an eyesore for a different week.)

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