Jan. 14 2009 12:00 AM

Building: 326 N. Cedar St., Lansing


Building: 326 N. Cedar St., Lansing
Owner: Sam X. Eyde
Taxpayer: Sam X. Eyde
Owner says: Unavailable

Wait a second. Back up. You’re telling me that this is available for development? Because here I was driving by this piece of garbage everyday thinking that it was a functioning business.

It’s really absurd how developers and real estate companies will affix signs that say “develop here!” and “available!” on properties that look like total junk. Sure, you could still use the land, blah blah — but this kind of marketing is equivalent to McDonald’s packaging up all the French fries that land on the floor and “letting” us buy them.

Anyway … this building has gone from ugly to hideous over the last few months. Over the summer, the awning was slightly torn, but still in tact. Now it’s just a flapping mess — I mean, the awning might droop so that low that you wouldn’t be able to read the Eyde Co. phone number if you wanted to buy and develop this.

No one from Eyde bothered to call us back about this, so we don’t know if they plan to fix it anytime soon. However, this building sits on a plot of land that will allegedly someday be the site of some Pat Gillespie-built condominiums.

But for now, it exists.

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