Feb. 11 2009 12:00 AM

Letters to the Editor

On cap and trade I respectfully disagree with the assumption that a carbon tax is a nonstarter. We shouldnt settle for a flawed cap and trade system. A straightforward and transparent tax on carbon-based fuels avoids the evasion and market manipulations that plague a cap and trade system. A revenue-neutral carbon tax is superior to a cap and trade system in every way (with the exception of being called a tax, of course). www.climatetaskforce.org.

— Sally (comment from www.lansingcitypulse.com)

Enjoying it I have been reading City Pulse for years and have really learned a lot about local issues. I really enjoyed this past issue, Jan. 28. Thank you for the interview with Kenneth Waltzer of Michigan State University’s James Madison College. I had him for several classes in the 1980s and found him to be a great teacher and scholar. I was very interested to hear how he debunked the recent Holocaust memoir by Herman Rosenblat.
Keep up the good work.

— Lisa Nofzinger Lansing

Musicians note Just wanted to drop a line to the City Pulse and let you guys know how happy the entire band was about Eric Gallippo’s article on us in last Wednesday’s issue, Jan. 28. The Lansing music scene, being what it is, and with The Pat Zelenka Project being a blues/rock combo that writes its own music as well as plays covers, and also as a guitarist and bandleader, I have found myself wondering if I was truly living out the proverbial “outside looking in” scenario that every musician dreads. So, I decided to e-mail the City Pulse and see what a good article about the band would do. Being what I am as a musician, and what the band is because of that, The Pat Zelenka Project has sometimes found itself in a “funny” musical spot. Rock clubs hear us and say, “You guys make a great blues band” and blues clubs hear us and say, “You guys sound great, but you should hit the rock clubs.” So, we always hope to meet someone who “gets it”, so to speak, and can see the band not only for what it is and how we perceive ourselves, but be able to take all of that and communicate it to a wider audience.
So, to get the chance to sit with someone of Eric’s caliber, and attitude, was a really great experience for us.
To be written about in serious terms, and actually have our personalities reflected through his article was a rare thing, and he showed up and even sat through the show — super nice guy. Seems like the City Pulse has always been the spot to learn about more indie artists locally, and Eric proved that to be very true during our interview. Because of this interview, we saw extra people at our show last weekend that read the article and came to see what was up, and we had 100 hits online where I have posted it. We will also include it in our press packs from now on. Very nice. The economy being what it is, and where certain entertainment papers have cut back their writing staff, and other papers have simply closed up shop, it was a very real pleasure to be taken seriously and sit with Eric Gallippo from the City Pulse.
Thanks much for such a great article!

— The Pat Zelenka Project Pat Zelenka Steve Chapko Rich Bates

Smart fish While PETA’s suggestion that fish need a new name — "sea kittens” — might seem a little, well, fishy to some, if our campaign gets just one person to think a bit more deeply about the lives of fish, then we’ve done our jobs. Recent studies have shown that fish are brainier than most people think.
Fish have impressive long-term memories and complex social relationships. They can use tools and learn by watching what other fish do. Like all animals, fish also feel pain, and they suffer horribly when they are impaled on hooks or sliced open by the thin mesh of a fishing net. If you wouldn’t dream of spending a family weekend torturing kittens, then you shouldn’t hook fish through their mouths and let them slowly suffocate, either.

— Paula Moore People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals