Feb. 11 2009 12:00 AM

Building: 1245 N. Larch St., Lansing
Owner: William F. Van Domelen
Taxpayer: William F. Van Domelen
Assessed: $113,600
Owner says: Unavailable

This former Hot ‘N Now drive-thru, although quite ugly, isnt going to be demolished immediately.

The reason is, the building might be refurbished. But an employee of the Realtor, Colliers International, who wished to remain anonymous, said that nothing would happen to it probably until the end of 2010. For now, the drive-thru lane is now just a dingy corridor that serves as a reminder of a fast food chain that didn’t survive long enough to further clog the arteries of lethargic, beef-craving motorists. (Officially, the Hot ‘N Now chain filed for bankruptcy in 2004, and only a handful remain.) Mike Fagan, owner of Chief Cart across the street at 1300 N. Larch St., said he misses walking over to get a bite to eat, but that’s about it. “That place is the least of my concerns,” he said. “They do a decent job of keeping it presentable. There’s not really any vandalism like some other places around here.”

— Stephanie Goldberg

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