Feb. 11 2009 12:00 AM

Letters to the Editor

Granholm cheers Praise to Gov. Jennifer Granholm for her proposal in the “State of State” address to make Michigan a leader in clean alternative energy and to turn away from outof-date coal plants. This means a lot to us in Mid-Michigan.

If we want our community to lead, we can´t afford to pour $1 billion into another coal plant like the Board of Water and Light is proposing. This is a waste of resources and will keep us stuck in the past. Instead, Lansing should invest in wind, solar and energy efficiency.

Alternative energy creates many times the number of jobs as coal and doesn’t cause asthma, heart disease and global warming.

What’s more, not only does clean energy create jobs in new industries, it will save ratepayers money. It is time to make decisions that will position Lansing to lead the future of clean energy industries. We can’t cling to the past of dirty coal if we want to move into the 21st century.
— Bethany Renfer Lansing

Flyer flutter I wanted to respond to the article on the Michigan Flyer, a service that was recommended to us by friends. We used it once — never again for the following reasons:

1. The ride took twice as long as it would to drive and cost as much as the additional fee to fly out of Lansing (to San Antonio).

2. We were forced to listen to Fox News at top volume while the driver bragged about his stock market conquests while reading a map while driving. Although I had earplugs with me (always wear them on takeoff) the volume was so loud, I could still hear everything to the point that the reverberations in my chest were more than annoying — I thought I would become ill! Although we asked him to turn down the volume, he conceded and turned it down one notch.

3. The pick-up for the return ride was delayed over an hour, but at least that driver showed the Fox News without volume. The light, however, was annoying, making it impossible to sleep.

We simply don´t wish to patronize any business subsidized by Fox.

— Alinda Wasner Lansing

Have a heart With all of the daily bad news, it would seem your paper might be interested in a different kind of story: about the heart and soul of the Lansing art community uniting two uncommon groups for the purpose of providing quality health care and healing to the uninsured and underinsured in the Lansing area. The Have a Heart Art Party started as a single empty canvas and has grown to 166 pieces of original art by 121 artists. It includes masterpieces by Jodie Grzadzinski, local glass artist Craig Mitchell Smith and muralist Tony Hendrick. There are paintings of love and innocence from the Beekman Center, pen and pencil studies from Burmese refugees, art from sick children at the Sparrow Regional Children’s Center and the VFW Children’s Home. There’s art from Reach Studio Art Center, Eastern High School and the Ingham County Juvenile Detention Center. Every piece features a heart in some shape, size or form. Some are sculpted, some are in glass, others adorned with fabric and feathers and colorful beads.

Every penny from the sale of this art will go to medical or mental health care for a person in the Lansing community who cannot afford treatment on their own. I am extending a “heartfelt” invitation to everyone who wants to see love in action and celebrate the human spirit. Please join me at the Have A Heart Art Party on Feb. 12 at the Country Club of Lansing from 7 to 10 p.m. For further information and tickets please call 703-1100, or check out our Web site at www.catherinegroll.com and hit the “Have a Heart” link.

— Catherine Groll Lansing

Comment on last week’s cover story Very well done. This is a fine overview of all the resources available to the entrepreneurial ventures that are germinating in the state of Michigan. We see about 20 new companies a year get started at Food For Thought and their enthusiasm and commitment are inspiring. This article may become required reading for all our new clients.

— Timothy Young www.foodforthought.net

Look online at www.LansingCityPulse.com Thursday for a special guest column remembering the birthday of our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln.