March 12 2009 12:00 AM

Building: 718 E. Grand River Ave., Lansing
Owner: Como Construction
Taxpayer: Como Construction Assessed: $95,900
Owner says: Unavailable

The days of brightly colored awnings and a working sign have long passed for this building just east of Old Town, which used to be Ramones, a popular Mexican restaurant. The faded plywood, which has turned gray, that outfits the windows in front shows that this wasn’t its first winter attached to the building. And by the way the economy has been going, it probably won’t be its last. Huge padlocks secure the building’s two front doors, while the awning and sign have been removed. The only color on the drab, faded brick building are blue and white “for sale or lease” signs provided by Jim Sturdevant, sales and leasing associate for commercial real estate company, NAI Mid-Michigan Vlahakis.

Providing a stark contrast is next-door neighbor, Devon Self-Storage, with its bright red brick exterior, blue awnings and a glowing “open” sign in the front window.

“The building next door has been vacant since we got here and that was over three years ago,” Craig Richardsonof Devon said.

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