March 26 2009 12:00 AM

Street: That awful part of Saginaw
Street Owner: Michigan Department of Transportation
Taxpayer: Me, you and everyone we know
Owner says: “We’re addressing the area.”

If there’s one thing that Michigan may have more than any other state, (other than unemployment), it’s potholes. These black holes are everywhere. But this particular stretch, the far right lane on Saginaw Street between Marshall and Fairview streets, is so bad that it rumbled its way to this week’s eyesore.

This particular patch is littered with potholes, making it extremely difficult to avoid them all. But the right lane is the worst; driving on it feels like being in a paint mixer at Sears — a constant bouncing and juggling that could easily cause a busted tire and a little motion sickness.

This rocky road may be only a memory soon … hopefully. Keri Arend, an MDOT spokeswoman, says that starting later this spring, Saginaw Street will be repaved from Rosemary Street to Coolidge Road — a little over four miles that will envelop these nasty potholes.

There are a few signs along the road that instruct no stopping, standing or parking. Well, until this road gets fixed, it may be best to add one more sign: “no driving.”

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