March 26 2009 12:00 AM

Location: 217 W. Madison St., Lansing
Owner: Mary Didomenico and Rosalba McNamara
Taxpayer: Mary Didomenico and Rosalba McNamara Assessed value: $42,700
Owner says: unavailable for comment

Located along a quiet side street between downtown and Old Town, 217 W. Madison St. is surrounded by people who obviously take pride in their homes. However, 217 W. Madison is an exception to the blocks charming appeal.

In addition to chipped paint and cracked windows, the house has a bag of garbage spilled across the front porch, which has been there since the home owners moved out months ago, says one neighbor. Not to mention the home’s gutters are dangling and there’s a mess of, perhaps, electrical wires strewn across the lawn that have got to be some kind of fire hazard. One neighbor said that he called the city to complain about the house, which has apparently resulted in it being red-tagged.

Despite the fact that the abandoned house is far from the worst-looking property in the city, neighbors said they hope something will be done soon regarding the pile of garbage that is for the moment the only thing that appears to inhabit this house.

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