What’s that light breaking through Lansing’s gray haze? It might just be the first sunny rays of spring, but for all we care it’s the hot beam of a giant film projector, melting months of mindless Hollywood pap from our brains so the seeds of the 12th Annual East Lansing Film Festival can regenerate our appreciation for the kind of challenging, quirky and independently minded films that inspire genuine discussion and thought beyond, “Hey that was fun, now let’s go to Applebee’s!” Any eavesdropper knows walking out of a movie theater is auditory gold, especially if you’re stuck behind some folks who don’t agree. Film fest-goers can expect to hear plenty of cheering, jeering and squabbling over the next several days, as art-house starved would-be critics take to the indoors for the first weekend of spring. We know we had fun doting on and dissing all the flicks we could get our hands on (the results of which is sprawled over these eight pages).

So go on, let them have their day in the sun. We’ve got some movies to wath

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