April 7 2010 12:00 AM


    Craig Doepker (Mac's Bar)

    Runners-up: “Inky” (Chrome Cat) and Megan (Rookies)

    Craig Doepker (pronouced “depp-ker”) has become a fixture
    of the diverse Lansing music scene — he also has really cool/wild hair. After
    almost three years at Mac’s Bar, the bartender finds himself at the gritty
    music venue more than ever. “If I’m awake, I’m there,” Doepker said. “I’m there
    at 9 a.m. getting deliveries, plus I’m the janitor. But I love it.” The Owosso
    native, who has lived in Lansing since 1999, said when he’s not pouring drinks
    at Mac’s he writes and performs original electronic music under the alias
    Theatre of the Absurd.


    Jessica Yorko

    Runners-up: Pat Lindemann and Cecilia Garcia

    Jessica “walk and bike” Yorko isn’t your typical green
    greenie. Her most high-profile environmental causes have gone after flaws in
    urban design, as opposed to, you know, getting people to upgrade their light
    bulbs (but that’s part of it, too). And, now, she’s wields the power of being
    Lansing’s Fourth Ward Councilwoman. “One of the ways I like to be an
    environmentalist is to make cities vibrant and attractive, while simultaneously
    supporting the preservation of natural resources,” she says.

    2010 gubernatorial candidate:

    Virg Bernero

    Runners-up: Ted Nugent and Ben Hassenger

    Wow, Andy Dillon must be in serious trouble if locals prefer
    the Nuge and a local musician possibly doing a Doc Dart impersonation better.
    But, there is no doubt mid-Michiganders have only Bernero in mind to lead the
    state (because if you don’t, he’ll get angry at you).

    Local politician

    Virg Bernero

    Runners-up: Joan Bauer and Jessica Yorko

    Yup, if you want a classic politician, Mayor Virg Bernero is
    your man. He wins the hearts and minds, raises the money, and pounds the flesh
    like no other. He won reelection last year in a landslide, and he’s poised to
    make a good showing as a 2010 gubernatorial candidate.

    Radio personality

    Tim Barron

    Runners-up: Mojo and Josh Strickland.

    You never know exactly what to expect from Tim Barron’s
    morning show on 92-X. Perhaps he’s in the midst of analyzing the latest
    political developments. Maybe he’s interviewing a local actress about the show
    she’s in. Or he could be sharing all the gory details from a report on how
    difficult it is to destroy those marshmallow-y Easter Peeps in a laboratory.
    But you know the conversation will always be lively and, on those rare
    occasions when he doesn’t feel like talking, Tim is happy to cue up a classic
    cut from Journey or The Rockets to keep the morning moving. 6-9 a.m. weekday
    mornings on WQTX-FM (92-X).

    TV personality

    Jason Colthorp

    Runners-up: Jane Aldrich and Andy Provenzano

    It’s the second win in a row for WILX newscaster and Lansing
    native Jason Colthorp, who is about to celebrate 10 years with the station this
    summer, a rarity in a profession in which talent often bounces from station to
    station and network to network. But Colthorp did get a chance to step away from
    his home base last summer when he won a contest to co-host an episode of “Live
    With Regis & Kelly.” “It was amazing fun,” Colthorp says. “More fun than I
    think I’ve ever had with my clothes on. It was really neat to step up to the
    big leagues, so to speak.” But Colthorp is perfectly happy to be back in the
    Capitol City, where his wife teaches school in East Lansing and he coaches his
    10-year-old daughter’s soccer team. He calls his entire career “a
    spur-of-the-moment thing. Really everything I’ve ever gotten — boom — it just
    happened. But can I say thanks to everybody who voted for me?” Sure thing, Jason.
    Weeknights at 11 p.m. on WILX (channel 10).

    Spartan athlete

    Kalin Lucas

    Runners-up: Draymond Green and Magic Johnson

    Poor Cool Hand Lucas. He was sidelined because of a ruptured
    Achilles’ tendon — the gruesomeness of that injury gives us the sweats — and
    had to watch from the bench as MSU lost to Butler on Saturday in the Final
    Four. But he still stands tall, leading the Spartans in points per game,
    assists, field goals, free throws, and led them to the NCAA finals last year.