Alternative health:

    Better Health Store

    Runners-up: Foods for Living, Creative Wellness

    Auto care:

    Runners-up: Spartan Car Care, University Foregin Auto

    Bank/credit union:

    Runners-up: NuUnion, LAFCU


    Barber Love
    Runners-up: Frandor Barber, Douglas J

    There’s a red felt pool table, a terrarium, a snack machine and monitors pumping out the latest R&B hits (or vintage episodes of “In Living Color”) — and there are also some skilled barbers who are always in the mood to give you a killer cut with a little bit of lively conversation on the side. Affordable prices, speedy service, an atmosphere of friendliness and fun make this barbershop a cut above the rest. 2003 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing. (517) 702-0636.

    Cab company:

    Green Cab
    Runners-up: Big Daddy, Party Cab


    Runners-up: Soup Spoon Caf, Soup to Nutz, Mama Bear’s

    You’ve been part in charge of the food for your son’s big graduation celebration and you know the guests will expect something more than chicken fingers and tater tots. What to do? Call Troppo. They’ll whip up dishes of sweet and sour salmon, tender strands of fried calamari (with just a hint of tantalizing spice), savory pork cutlets served atop creamy-cheesy rotini and roast duck and figs nestled in a bed of greens and goat cheese. As Julia Child might say, “Bon appetit!” 120 North Washington Square, Lansing. (517) 371-4000.


    Dr. Mark Poletti
    Runners-up: Dr. Randy Randhawa, Lida Rassel


    Runners-up:Thee, Gary Smith


    Runners-up: MAC, Fitness USA


    English Inn
    Runners-up: Wild Goose Inn, Marriott East Lansing

    Law firm:

    Foster, Swift, Collins & Smith

    Runners-up: a dead one, Douglas Meeks

    Maid service:

    Molly Maid
    Runners-up: Maid Brigade, Easy Living


    Two Men & A Truck
    Runners-up: Uhaul, Top Flight


    Douglas J
    Runners-up: Jenny Nails, Kiss Nails

    Pet care:

    Runners-up: Waverly Animal, Doggy Day Care

    Place to pamper yourself:

    Douglas J
    Runners-up: Creative Wellness, Solace Massage and October Moon

    When you want to start the new season with a new look or a new attitude, there’s nothing like indulging in a little spring cleaning of your own. Whether it’s a permanent wave, a wrinkle-reducing facial or a stress-relieving hot stone massage, Douglas J is happy to help. Still stuffy from being cooped up all winter? Try a sinus cleansing treatment. Tired of flaky dry skin? Enjoy an exfoliating Caribbean Body Therapy treatment. This is the third time Douglas J has won in this category. 4663 Ardmore Ave., Okemos. (517) 349-0430.


    Roxanne Frith
    Runners-up: Jena McShane, JD Small


    Michigan Plumbing
    Runners-up: Hedlund, Meridian


    Golden Harvest
    Runners-up: Knight Cap, Peanut Barrel


    Douglas J
    Runners-up: Personal Image, Steven Marvin

    Tanning salon:


    Runners-up: The Sun, Cabana Sun


    Splash of Color

    Runners-up: Fish Ladder, Liquid Tattoo

    Tax service:

    Turbo Tax

    Runners-up: Angela Backus, H&R Block