April 8 2009 12:00 AM

Building: 1917 Jerome St., Lansing
Owner: Capitol National Bank
Taxpayer: Capitol National Bank
Assessed value: $73,600
Owner says: Unavailable for comment

Despite some minor wear and tear, 1917 Jerome St. appears to be in good condition. Sure, the roof seems to be slowly separating from the rest of the house and the wood is decaying — courtesy of who knows how many Michigan winters. But this abandoned home has the potential to be a nice little fixer-upper.

While most of the windows provide a peek inside, some blue and yellow material blocks the attic window. It’s not the most appealing look on the block, but it’s better than the boarded-up windows of many of Lansing’s abandoned homes.

The worst part about this eyesore is that it is not even the worst-looking home on Jerome Street. Of course the red tag on the door says, "unsafe, do not enter," which will most likely deter people from entering. But if that doesn’t, an eerie purple dolphin wind chime on the porch might.

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