May 5 2009 12:00 AM

Street: Intersection of Walnut and Madison streets, Lansing
Owner: City of Lansing
Taxpayer: Us
Owner says: Waiting for asphalt season to start

This little strip of pavement got so scared when it heard that the Combined Sewer Overflow project was coming to its vicinity that it, apparently, tried to get up and run away.

This reverse sinkhole is in the middle of Madison Street at the end of the block right before the Walnut Street intersection. The city of Lansing has put up bright orange barricades to warn drivers, and it looks as though someone dumped sawdust and asphalt on the mound, making the large hump in the road even more awkward and ugly.

Chad Gamble, director of the city’s Public Service Department, said the spot would be fixed as soon as asphalt plants start coming online, which should be in the next few weeks. He blamed a brutal winter on the condition of the road.

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