April 30 2009 12:00 AM

Address: 3512 South M L King Jr. Blvd., Lansing Owner: 3406 South MLK LLC

Taxpayer: 3406 South MLK LLC
Assessed: $979,600
Owner says: Unable to be reached

This building is practically what Eyesore of the Week was created for. What was once a proud display of American-made cars is only another instance of urban decay.

The walls are dirty, rusty, and peeling. There are rocks and trash all over the pot hole-ridden parking lot and the inside looks awful: tiles fallen from the ceiling, chunks of drywall missing and an empty coat rack in one corner. The place looks like it’s been closed down for decades.

Two large wooden signs stand in the front proclaiming that the building is available for sale or lease, and lists several attributes of the shop. Some interest has been shown, but, as Steve Weiss of the Hollywood Video across the street says, nothing has come of it yet.

“We need something there,” Weiss said. “Whether it be a gym or a retail outlet or whatever. Anything’s better than an abandoned building.”

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