May 13 2009 12:00 AM

Property: 323 Pennsylvania Ave., Lansing
Owner: Frank and Ramona R Aqueros
Assessed value: $43,900
Taxable value: $21,738
Owner says: Did not return a call for comment

Take a trip on a CATA bus down Pennsylvania Avenue and this week’s eyesore will practically pull the stop signal and beg you to take a look at it.

Located at near the intersection of Kalamazoo Street and Pennsylvania, this boarded-up building is a hop, skip and a bus ride away from being completely unlivable. In fact, it is unlivable — or so reads the red tag on the door.

There’s a hole in the foundation, not so carefully covered up with boards, a clear invitation to vermin. There are falling shingles, a broken railing, missing molding near the roof and a lawn full of dandelions. And with Christmas lights still hanging loosely overhead, the house is a sorry picture of off-season festivities and truly some sort of Nightmare before Christmas.

Neighbors like Ray Gedeon of the Dollar Palace that’s across the street in the Kalamazoo Plaza find the building to be unsightly.

“It’s not very tempting,” said Gedeon. “I think it should be knocked down. It makes the whole neighborhood look trashy.”

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