May 20 2009 12:00 AM

Address: 1025 E. Grand River, Lansing
Assessed: $44,700
Owner: Interstate Investment Group LLC
Taxpayer: Interstate Investment Group LLC
Owner says: Could not be reached for comment.

This four-family house appropriately stands at the end of Pennsylvania Avenue. The paint is brutally scarred, and the wood on the porch is broken and rotted, making the brightest part of the home the red tag. But even the tag has faded to orange and indicates the home has been abandoned since 2003.

The house’s overgrown front lawn is encroaching on a broken cement sidewalk that leads to porch steps. Standing before the boarded-up entrance, one can look up to see a demolished patio light.

Neighbor Janice Botello said that homeowners like her want to fix their homes but don’t have the money, while landlords have money to fix property but avoid it, depreciating property values.

"It allows trouble to move into the neighborhood," she said. The result is a "scary" and "ghetto" area.

"But nobody is too worried about it," Botello’s daughter, Amber York, said, "because, no offense, this neighborhood’s not the greatest."

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