June 10 2009 12:00 AM

Address: 5325 South Cedar St., Lansing
Owner: Fathima Khan
Taxpayer: Fathima Khan
Assessed: $99,500
Owner says: Unable to be found for comment

Deviating from normal, this week’s eyesore concerns a building unfit for animals.

This gray and brown structure along Cedar Street is the shell of an old pet hospital, which in its appearance seems more like a pet cemetery.

The right side of the hospital looks grim, even haunted, with fallen shingles and boards holding up windows and cracked green siding. Dirt and grime ring the facade, as if it were dipped in dust. An inviting glass door is the only gem on this eyesore.

On the left side, the building is attractive, except for problems with landscaping.

Huge tree stumps, a ladder, a pile of green foam insulation and a stack of construction boards lay derelict on the lawn.

Dennis McClelland, a mechanic at the Spartan Car Care shop next door, said that the building has not operated as a hospital for a while, but has heard plans of another animal hospital taking its place.

“It’s a good thing they are going to do something around here,” he said. “For a while, the building was run-down and the lawn wasn’t mowed. It was definitely an eyesore.”

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