Address: 332 Bingham St., Lansing
Owner: Carol A. Freed
Taxpayer: Christopher K. Garno
Assessed: $37,200
Owner says: Unable to be reached for comment

Last time we visited this property — back in November — we compared it to a neglected child from a Charles Dickens novel. Paint was falling off the side while trash bags and kids’ toys sat on the lawn and porch. The windows were boarded-up and the lawn was overgrown.

But since then, the property has undergone a major facelift. The boards over the windows are gone, revealing fresh white trim and clean screens. The lawn has been cut and trimmed and most of the weeds are gone. The house looks livable now — like a character getting a makeover and a shopping spree in a Candace Bushnell novel? (The only authors we could think of who write about pampering were in the chick-lit vein.)