July 15 2009 12:00 AM

Property: 6031 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Lansing
Assessed: $0
Owner: Life Changers Christian Center
Taxpayer: Life Changers Christian Center
Owner says: Renovations are planned

In front of this property near the end of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard is a bright sign advertising that Life Park Plaza is “coming soon.” “Soon” is a bit of a stretch. The derelict Maple Grove Elementary School, now owned by Life Changers Christian Center, has been idle since the church bought the building in 2007: the windows are boarded up or busted, and there are graffiti marks on the building.

"They have good intentions, they just need to do something," neighbor Pamela Peterson said of the owners. She said they do not allow children to play on the playground equipment, so her grandchildren cannot use the basketball courts. To Peterson, the organization isn’t doing enough. "They’re supposed to be an outreach church, but they don’t outreach," she said.

While photos were being taken, a man who claimed to be the property manager approached a reporter and said renovations are planned. He voiced disagreement with Eyesore, saying City Pulse should contact the owners of property for comment. When asked for owner contact information he replied, "They won’t talk to you."

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