July 22 2009 12:00 AM

Property: The Nautilus, Riverfront Park, Lansing
Assessed: $0 Owner: Lansing Parks and Recreation
Department Taxpayer: None
Owner Says: Did not return a call for comment

We didn’t know Riverfront Park featured a Small Child Injury Playland.

Seriously, forget plastic bags and household chemicals, the Nautilus has enough exposed electrical wires, jagged pipes and sharp metal grating to wound children of all ages, from toddler up.

The Nautilus is a derelict fountain surrounded by a concrete wall at the southwest edge of the park near the intersection of Grand Avenue and Shiawassee Street across from Lansing Community College. From a distance it seems picturesque, but up close it looks like the Pit of Sarlacc from "Star Wars."

The walls are marked by graffiti, and there’s a broken electrical outlet hanging off one wall. The steps are a mess of leaves, litter and the remains of a broken light bulb. Some of the brick walkway around the fountain is falling apart. The area around the Nautilus is littered with bottle caps, trash and a large piece of errant PVC pipe.

The upside: If you get injured, there’s a fire station across the street.

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