Aug. 17 2009 12:00 AM

Address: 1520 Vermont Ave., Lansing
Owner: Leonirdes and Melinda Ruiz
Taxpayer: Leonirdes and Melinda Ruiz
Assessed: $29,600
Owner says: Could not be reached for comment.

This home caught on fire twice in one week last May and has since been repaired with sheets of plywood.

The first fire was ruled accidental and the second is under investigation as arson, Lansing Fire Department Marshall Phil Sabon said. Cables hang almost completely detached from one side of the charred building that has been stripped of siding.

Neighbor Elizabeth Garcia, a 35-year resident of the house next door, has been cutting the grass since the fire.

“They were good people,” Garcia said of the previous owners. She hopes the house is razed because she fears it will attract vermin.

Del Hall, who lives across the street, said the first fire started upstairs and was contained, but less than a week later he saw the house explode in flames, and he could smell gasoline from his porch. Last week two men removed siding, and more recently someone came to remove the copper plumbing, but he did not know whom they were. The Lansing Fire Department would not comment further.

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