Aug. 5 2009 12:00 AM


Act now on climate change

Even with the round-the-clock work being done in Washington to pull us out of this recession, job losses are climbing, bankruptcies are increasing and low and middleincome families are struggling to make ends meet. Meanwhile, our country is struggling to break a dependence on foreign oil that not only puts our national security at risk, but also threatens our health and the quality of our precious natural resources. As an avid sportsman, the well-being of our natural resources is important to me, my family and our way of life in Michigan. What if there was a solution to it all? What if we could find the answer to both our economic and environmental woes?

Transitioning to a clean energy economy will safeguard the gifts of nature and promote responsible stewardship of our land, air and water. It also will create 61,000 clean energy jobs and savings of $810 a year for Michigan households. This is the solution; this is the answer to both our nation’s struggling economy and protecting the quality of our land, air and water. And while the solution stares us in the face, there are naysayers who will do anything to keep the status quo.

Scare tactics are nothing new, but a disturbing trend to debunk this critical climate change legislation has sunk to new lows. Opponents continue to put our health, our safety, our environment and our economy at risk by claiming this transition will increase taxes on Michigan families.

Our well-funded opponents have a vested interest in combating the transition to clean energy — they want to protect the status quo and their record profits, which come at our expense. We need to stand up to the special interests. We as a nation, we as sportsmen have a vested interest in protecting our environment and jumpstarting the economy. In these tough economic times, we need action now to create jobs. We also need to create a clean energy economy and move away from the fossil fuels that threaten our environment.

I have dreams of spending time in the outdoors with my grandchildren in the same woods and streams I took my children to.Unless we get serious about protecting the environment, those places won’t be there. This is our moment. This is our opportunity to show our grandchildren, and their grandchildren, that we stood the problem down and protected their best interests, not the special interests. This is our chance to re-power Michigan.

— Glenn Freeman III Eaton County Commissioner Lansing

State fair soon

We are asking your readers to do the “Fair Thing,” and that’s to attend the 2009 Michigan State Fair that runs from Aug. 28 through Sept. 7. The fair, America’s oldest, will be held at the Michigan State Fairgrounds, located at Woodward Avenue and 8 Mile Road in Detroit. Fair hours are 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

This year’s fair will offer some things old, but many things new as this annual Michigan tradition cranks up for another memorable year. The fair will feature new cool rides, more fun activities, more mouth-watering food and more intriguing contests. There will also be lots of agriculture displays and community art exhibits. As always, the fair offers something for people of all ages.

For those who love history, there are historic state sites on the fairgrounds, including the world’s largest stove, which was built for the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago; the house that President Ulysses S. Grant lived in while stationed in Detroit; and the statue of Seabiscuit, the legendary racehorse that won the Michigan Governor’s Handicap Race at the fairgrounds in September 1936.

This year’s fair presents “Stars under the Stars,” which will be held at the famed band shell and will feature Mark Farner, Tim Bowman, The Temptations Review featuring Dennis Edwards, Cavo, Red & Pop Evil, Joe Nichols and Chuck Wicks, The Starship, Billy Squier, Jake Owen, the Colgate Country Showdown and more. All concerts begin at 7 p.m. and are free with admission to the fair.

We have something special for everyone. Please go to for more information. Come out and support your 2009 Michigan State Fair … and bring your family and friends with you!

— Carmen Carter Michigan State Fair