Property: 417 Kilborn St., Lansing
Owner: Harlan Kerr
Taxpayer: Harlan Kerr
Assessed: $52,000

The absolute classiest thing you can do with a front yard — and this applies particularly to houses in cities — is turn it into a garden. It’s both aesthetically and environmentally the best possible thing you can do.

This property’s chief gardener, Tim Latimer, who lives here with owner, Harlan Kerr, has slowly transformed the front yard over the last five years from a swath of dead grass into a jungle that contains some 50 different types of gorgeous flowers and that hums with insect and avian activity.

Latimer, who has a degree in horticulture, says he expends no more than on hour a week keeping the weeds down and probably uses less water on his garden than he would on a lawn. He uses compost, not chemicals, to keep the plants fed.

There’s one small half circle of grass left, but Latimer estimates that its days are numbered.

“The last bit of grass will be gone next year,” he says.

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