Frontier Ruckus isn’t the only local act perking ears outside of Lansing. Through extensive touring or alignment with some prolific indie labels, a handful of other groups and solo artists have shown themselves poised to make a bigger name for themselves and our city. Here’s a look at four other acts that could put Lansing on the musical map.

Cheap Girls

Who are they? Adam Aymor (guitar), Ben Graham (drums), Ian Graham (bass, vocals) What’s so great? These guys are Lansing’s answer to The Replacements, or The Lemonheads. Solid ‘90s aesthetics and catchy hooks delivered with punk rock ethos.

Street cred: While these guys have toured the United States almost nonstop over the last two years, as well as a batch of successful, drunken tour dates in Europe, the band can still be found frequently bashing away on its home turf, Mac’s Bar, in Lansing.

Proof? Thanks to hard work, the band’s debut LP, “Find Me a Drink Home,” (Lansing’s Bermuda Mohawk Productions) sold well, even requiring a re-press of the record — on colored vinyl with a poster. Nice. The band is getting ready to release its highly anticipated sophomore LP, “My Roaring 20s” this October on Paper Plastick, a Floridabased record label.

Where to find them: www.myspace. com/cheapgirls

Next local show: To be announced

The People’s Temple

Who are they? The band is made up of two sets of brothers; Alex (guitar/ vocals) and George (drums) Szegedy and Spencer (bass/vocals) and William (guitar/vocals) Young What are they on? Metaphorically speaking, it’d be LSD all the way. The psychedelic guitar solos and Rolling Stones rhythms are totally ‘60s in an uncontrived fashion.

Should you be scared? Yes. These guys have been known for getting crazy and erratic on stage. The Small Planet banned them after one gig. It’s great showmanship, if you ask this writer.

Will they leave the garage? The band (named after the cult involved in the Jonestown Massacre) has three vinyl 7-inch records being released by various punk labels across the country. It’s only a matter of time before that stack of wax is heard by the right ears. Where to find them: www.myspace. com/thepeoplestemple10

Next local show: Wednesday, Sept. 2, at Mac’s Bar. With Chapstick and Chrome Spiders.


Who is he? James Gardin, AKA, “P 2 da H I”

What’s his deal? Creative, slick hip hop. Think Common and Mos Def, then add Lansing to the mix. If you are getting tired of the radio jams, pick up our hometown hero’s new EP, “Love Songs for Losers & Ballads for Ballers,” available as a free download on his MySpace blog.

Where is the love? His rhymes aren’t typical. The lyrics stay positive, or focused on love.

What’s the appeal? When Gardin takes the stage, his electric swagger takes command of the entire venue. He is a star in the making.

Where to find him: www.myspace. com/p2dahi

Next local show: Saturday, Aug. 29, at The Small Planet. With Finale, One Be Lo and more.


Who are they? Matt War (bass/vocals) and Xaphan (guitars/backing vocals) (new drummer yet to be announced)

Is the end near? Yes, at least if these guys have anything to say about it. This apocalyptic, thrash metal band is all about themes, and that theme involves post-Armageddon mayhem and dressing in kick ass jean jackets.

Who likes this? Apparently every heavy metal blogger and zine creator who got their hands on a copy of the band’s debut album, “Wardrive.” Just do a Google search.

Who does the band sound like? If you like Celtic Frost or Venom, check out Wastelander’s upcoming Bermuda Mohawk Productions release, a split 7-inch with Japanese thrash unit Abigail.

Where to find them online: www.

Next local show: Friday, Aug. 28, at Mac’s Bar. With Deceased and Superchrist.