Aug. 27 2009 12:00 AM

Lansing’s underrated musicians and labels



While we’re thrilled to see some Lansing musicians getting well-deserved attention, we’d be remiss to leave out a few noteworthy components that are raising eyebrows and eardrums.

Edible Intention

A young band filled with pissed-off punk angst, Edible Intention sounds like “Bleach”-era Nirvana, mixed up with blasts of Scratch Acid. The Grand Ledge natives have played the art/music venue Basement 414 so often lately they’ve almost become the house band. Aside from playing tons of shows, the band is also working on a debut CD. If this happens, hopefully the sound won’t stray far from the lo-fi, blown out sounds heard on the band’s MySpace.


He’s nothing like Soulja Boy. Think more Nas or even U.G.K. style. He’s Sincere, a true hip-hop entrepreneur. The Lansing rapper is possibly the busiest emcee in the city. When he’s not recording, performing or working with his group, The Mid Mobb Section, Sincere keeps busy opening for big name rappers and helps to host the Mic Club, a series of hip-hop showcases at Mac’s Bar. If you love hip-hop and haven’t seen this man live, check his MySpace and get to his next show; his energy is well worth the price of admission.

Bermuda Mohawk Productions (BMP)

What don’t the founders of this label do? They press records and constantly host shows at local venues, all while playing in multiple bands and holding down 9 to 5 jobs. The label’s selective vision has made for an impressive catalog of records. From punk, to melodic rock’n’roll, the label is host to the Cartridge Family, Cheap Girls and the River City Rebels. The label is also home to Cavalcade, which is currently working with (former Pantera vocalist) Phil Anselmo’s own label, Housecore Records.

Good Time Gang Records (GTG)

A local record label made by and for local musicians. Operated by local rocker Tommy McCord, the label has worked with Stargrazer, The Plurals, The Break- Ups and Really Cinematic, to only name a few. A side note to this label is its always free packed house shows that feature an interesting assortment of indie rock. www.

Silver Maple Kill Records

While this is a new label on the Lansing scene, the man behind the scenes, Todd Karinen, is a scene veteran. Having played in a handful of bands over the years and booked countless shows, nearly every band in town has crossed paths with him at one point or another. The first release on Silver Maple Kill was a CD by Karinen’s band, MK Ultra Culkin, one of the few femalefronted bands in the city. Up next for the label is a Lansing compilation, with bands hand selected by Karinen.