Sept. 2 2009 12:00 AM

How to park, drive and not rack up fines and fees if you bring your car to campus

Having a car on campus isn’t the best idea. Gas, money, tickets, the possibility of DUIs and towed cars are all reasons to leave your sweet ride behind. Now that we’ve said that, you’re going to ignore it all and drive your 4-MPG Americanmade truck monster everywhere because of your contempt for nature and your fear of snowflakes.

With that in mind, here is the need-to-know info for driving around campus.

General MSU Parking Info

• To operate a vehicle on campus, you’ll need to register your car with the Department of Public Safety. To do that, you need to be a sophomore or have 20 credit hours under your belt.

• You can buy the sticker at permits.asp. The price for the sticker varies based on which lot it’s for.

• Meters take only U.S. currency, and no pennies. A broken meter is considered a no-parking zone.

• Two-hour, four-hour and 24-hour visitor permits are available for a fee at the Parking Office or at the Visitor Center. They are good for all faculty/staff spots. They are not good for gated lots.

• You can park in faculty and staff lots after 6 p.m., and overnight in many of the spots (though not in parking ramps or on side streets off-campus).


Parking tickets can be paid at 87 Red Cedar Road in person, in the 24-hour drop box or online. If you get six or more tickets without paying, or take too long to pay tickets, it can lead to your vehicle being impounded, or they’ll sic a debt collector on you.

You might get towed if:

• You park for more than 10 minutes in a “loading zone.”

• You park in a leased space or unleased faculty/ staff spot (they have signs)

• You park in a university vehicle space (again, there will be signs)

• You park in a handicapped space (duh, unless you’re handicapped)

What if I do get towed?

• Head to 87 Red Cedar Road to reclaim your vehicle. It will cost you: $65 or $90, plus whatever other fees are on the car.

• You also get an $8 a day fee for storage more than 24 hours, but there is a one-day grace period. So, if your wheels get towed on Thursday, you get one day to claim it before the $8 charge starts, which would be Saturday.

Moving Violations

• No seatbelt costs you $65.

• Run a red light or stop sign? $175.

• Cause an accident? $200.

• Speeding on local streets one to 10 mile per hour over the limit is $145, plus two points on your license. Eleven-to-15 MPH gets $160 with three license points. Sixteen to 20 MPH over costs $190 with four license points. Twenty-six over and more costs $215 plus four points.

• Failure to stop for a school bus is $250, if you cause an accident it’s $275 plus three license points.

• Driving without proof of insurance costs $175 with a possible court appearance.

• No proof of registration or driving with an expired plate is $130, as is improper registration or attachment of a plate.