Sept. 10 2009 12:00 AM

Profanity was gratuitous

Before I say anything else, let me assure you that I use profanity on occasion, and agree with Bela Bartok that the most vulgar word in any language is “unspeakable.” Having said that, it was disturbing to read the following line in an article by Neal McNamara in this week’s City Pulse:

“Because, goddamn, those parking attendants can smell an expired meter.”

Sure, profanity has its place. However, most of us have enough sense not to use it gratuitously or in a place where others would find it offensive or inappropriate, such as around children, or strangers, or in church, or in front of our employer, or in a widely distributed publication such as City Pulse whose target audience is comprised of citizens of diverse ages, backgrounds, and cultures.

If the City Pulse has decided to move toward “hip” language of those who think that the ability to express oneself is enhanced by tossing in curse words, count me as one less reader.

— William Rowan Lansing

Likes Lansing transit options

As the cost of gas has fluctuated over the past few years, I have been trying to cut back on using my car and opted for the more pocket and eco-friendly biking option, as well as riding CATA. I am familiar with how unfriendly parts of Lansing infrastructure can be to pedestrians, which is way I have been so pleased to hear about the progress of the Complete Streets ordinance. This much needed initiative, advocated strongly by Mayor Bernero, will add bike lanes and side walks where they are needed in an effort to make Lansing a more pedestrian friendly city.

Mayor Berneros team is also investing a record $16.5 million in critical infrastructure improvements. Between this investment and the Complete Streets Ordinance Lansing is on its way to being a more bike, walk and even car-friendly city. Mayor Bernero has earned my vote bymaking smart investment choices for our city!

— Sarah Kamulski Lansing

On last week’s Eye candy

I have driven by this home many times and absolutely adore it! The Lansing area has many fine examples of Arts and Crafts/Craftsman homes and this is one of the areas finest gems. The Frank Lloyd Wright prairie style influences are perfect for this home and I am sure the owners are happy to be living in such a wonderful treasure.

— Kimberly Cambron From