Sept. 23 2009 12:00 AM


Forlorn over Cappuccino Caf closing

Something’s missing. Until recently the Live & Local column City Pulse was my first Wednesday stop. I was checking to see what great local jazz group was playing at the Cappuccino Caf on Lake Lansing Road. Then recently one terrible Friday night after an especially hard week, I went to the caf to find a sorry note: closed. Closed!

With all the big hard issues of our lives these days it seems trite to be concerned about losing another valuable retail, but geez, I sure miss the place. I miss the coffee, the friendly kids serving, but most of all I miss the jazz. One evening last spring a family member from Washington came with us to hear Arlene McDaniel’s Trio. We were all mesmerized with the quality of the music, which was for us a common Friday night experience with several local jazz performers. Our family told us such a venue in Washington is so hard to find. Now, sadly, gentle small group jazz is also hard to find here in greater Lansing as well.

— Helene Ellis Haslett

Fury against Glenn Beck blog

Obviously Neal (McNamara) isn’t a fan of civil discourse. He immediately launches into ad homonym attacks both on Glenn Beck and those “rich Michigan toddlers” who attended the Chamber of Commerce dinner. Can I read Neal’s outraged blog from last fall when then-candidate Barack Obama spoke at a $27,000 a plate fundraiser during his campaign? Gee, Glenn Beck opposes health care reform so he’s a “raging zit”? I see McNamara possesses the literary style of a fifth grader. Check the polls, zit-wit: 57 percent of the entire country opposes this reform. Some 80 percent like their health care. But of course, rather than offer a substantive defense for the president’s policies (which may be beyond him, judging from his style), McNamara retreats to the tired and threadbare tactic of snide cynicism and sarcasm like the spoiled brats in (the movie) “Clueless.” I’m sure Cher Horowitz was his mentor in rhetoric.

In not one instance are the statements made by Beck refuted by evidence or logic. Apparently at a loss for anything more to say, McNamara goes on to quote Mitchell Rivard, head of the Michigan State University Democrats, who whines that Beck is being paid $25,000 for his appearance. Doesn’t sound all that outrageous to me. Let’s see, Bill Clinton gets paid $800,000 by Goldman Sachs for a speaking engagement. Was Rivard incensed about that? No? The most ludicrous illustration of the entitlement mentality held by McNamara and Rivard and too many in the Democrat Party is evidenced in McNamara’s penultimate paragraph (a quote by Rivard): “Not only are we disturbed by Becks lies and deceitful rhetoric, but we also oppose the Michigan Chamber of Commerce for paying $25,000 for Becks appearance. This is absurd, in light of the economic troubles in this country and especially in Michigan." First, the Chamber doesn’t have to bother about what Rivard opposes. This is still (for the most part) a free country and individual citizens like McNamara and Rivard have no right to dictate what private entities or individuals do with their money. (Again, was he upset when his own party charged their members more for one plate of food at that fundraiser than Beck got for the whole evening?)

The Chamber is neither responsible for the troubles in America or Michigan, nor are they obligated to bail out Michigan or the country with the funds of their organization. This blog, like the demonstration at the Chamber event, is pathetic. It brings to mind a quote from a great writer: “It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing.”

— Anonymous From

Won’t vote Cherry in ‘10

John Cherry is not a good choice for the Democrats ("Will the Dems Gamble on Cherry?" City Pulse Sept. 16). In 2004, Cherry was partly responsible for convincing Granholm to go back on her word and to sign a bill to allow the mourning dove to be used as nothing more than target practice in Michigan (“Cherry’s Role, with NRA Ties”, July 29, 2004, Detroit Free Press).

Cherry has also accepted contributions from the NRA, a radical organization that supports guns in our national parks and opposes requiring gun owners from having safety locks on guns at home.

I do not think Cherry is the right choice for Michigan. If the Democrats pick Cherry, I am voting third party for the gubernatorial election.

— William McMullin Lansing

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