Sept. 23 2009 12:00 AM

Property: 1301 E. Saginaw St., Lansing

Owner: Sharon K. Way
Taxpayer: Sharon K. Way
Assessed: $42,600
Owner says: Unable to be reached for comment

Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: A poorly constructed garage with collapsing doors detracts from this craftsman style home. The short-term solution would be to remove the garage and change the two-tone siding to a single color. The long-term solution would be to replace the garage with a well-built structure in keeping with the craftsman style of the house.

The sticker on the window says it all: Unsafe. Do not enter or occupy. It’s obvious that nature has claimed ownership over this property. Untamed vines and bushes are crawling into the house through cracks and broken windows. The yard has more weeds than grass. The boards of the backyard garage have been broken, revealing graffiti and a rotting infrastructure that bleeds foam insulation. The green roof and two-toned tan and brown siding make this place look more like an army surplus store than a home with a white picket fence.

Not sketchy enough for you? Take a look at the bounty of old computer parts stacked against the windows or the wayward car rim lying at the front door.

Garages are an important and often overlooked feature of the house. 
One of the most common errors in residential architecture is the use
of  garage doors that do not complement the style of the house. Garage
doors should receive the same level of detail and distinction as the
other exterior doors of the house.  Likewise, as house doors have
windows, so should garage doors. Garage door windows save energy by
providing natural light.       

Eyesore_September_22_2009_drawing.jpg IMG_0599.JPG

Do: Select a garage door
of high craftsmanship to enhance the overall design of the house. Great
advancements have been made in prefabricated door options that combine
style plus the function of automated convenience. There is no excuse
for ugly garage doors that detract from the beauty of the house.

Don't: Use a single windowless door for a two-car garage.
Window and door openings, including garage door, are proportionally
correct when the height is greater than the width. A single two-car
garage door violates the proportion and thus detracts from the overall
design of the house.   

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