Oct. 9 2009 12:00 AM

Dislikes Rocky Horror review

I definitely take issue with this review (Sept. 30). Not only does the review give away crucial plot points of the show, but also I believe the reviewer missed the mark in his assessment of both Broughton and Kauffmans performances. I attended the midnight showing of the musical, and I can safely say that rather than disappointed, the audience was thrilled.

Broughton and Kauffman both engaged in successful improvised banter with the audience (and each other), and nothing but strong presences from everyone in the cast could have kept that audience at bay. While I agree there were sound issues, I believe it was due to the volume and raucousness of the audience, not poor sound design. Fans of the show should certainly give this production a chance.

— miniacky07 From www.LansingCityPulse.com

Encouraging a power shift

Michigan, as we all know, has reached a point that has put a lot of pressure on its businesses, citizens and infrastructure and is desperately ready for a change in direction and leadership. As residents of this great state, we find ourselves out of work, unable to meet financial demands, watching while a burden is placed on our natural resources all the while, receiving very little support from our elected officials. It is time that we unite as a movement and begin to demand policies that support sustainable development, clean energy and jobs that put people to work in ethical and equitable ways.

This weekend, hundreds of young people from across the state will come to Lansing for a sustainable conference with workshops, speakers, and music with the goal of doing just that. (See details in Out on the Town.) Power Shift Michigan will offer the state’s youth the opportunity to connect with their peers and demand action from our leaders while learning skills to help build our clean energy economy. Hundreds of young people will overtake Lansing with a shared vision of igniting a clean energy revolution that will create millions of jobs, improve our health, and avoid future wars.

The weekend provides attendees with a variety of inspirational speakers who are leading the way in the climate movement, musicians that embody the importance of sustainability both in their lives and in their work, and workshops that provide people with practical skills they can take back to their schools and communities. Some of the weekends highlights include Jerome Ringo, the executive director of the Apollo Alliance, Jessy Tolkan, Energy Action Coalition, an eco fashion show, implementation of a guerrilla garden and bike co-op in the community, and performances by the Flobots, Seth Bernard, Midwest Hype and Rogue Locomotive.

Now is the time we must stand together to ensure that the status quo and ways of the past are not replicated and that we commence an era of intergenerational, positive change that can push Michigan to the forefront of what is inevitable: a clean energy economy locally, nationally and globally.

We now make a call out to all concerned citizens, community leaders, and the rest of Michigan that is ready to see us move away from old, outdated policies and become a leader in the clean energy economy. Power Shift Michigan is ready to give you this opportunity. Are you ready for it?

— Scott Meloeny and Casey McKeel Lansing

Village Summit almost at its goal

We have been given an extension until Friday to get money to pay for a handicap ramp and accessible restroom for Village Summit, a community center in the Baker- Donora neighborhood.

Please send whatever you can to help. We have raised $500 and need much more to pay for the construction and remodeling. Modern Woodmen has agreed to match whatever we make by Friday, up to $2,500.

Checks can be made out to "Village Summit" and sent to 119 E. Barnes, Lansing.

I have been using shopping carts on good days to give away books at the park. We have a hearing Monday in front of City Council to approve our request to use the house for tutoring, chess, Internet access and book giveaways. We passed by the Planning Board with a unanimous decision in our favor.

If you want to volunteer, to help sort books, tutor and work with the computers, or if you want to visit, please give me a call at 575-5749.

Thank you ahead of time for whatever support you can give.

— Marcus E. Brown Lansing