Oct. 14 2009 12:00 AM

Canja, Meyer backed by developers

I cant say Im surprised to see that Republican lobbyist Larry Meyer and his running mate, Deb Canja, have enlisted the help of wealthy developer Joel Ferguson in their bid for the Lansing Community College Board of Trustees.

Newspaper advertisements and campaign literature list Ferguson as the official campaign treasurer for Meyer and Canja.

These same two candidates recently skipped a critical candidates meeting on Sept. 23 with LCC faculty, staff and administrators so they could attend a high-dollar fundraising thrown on their behalf by the other wealthy land developers, this time the Gillespie brothers. This is outrageous!

Its pretty easy to see whom Meyer and Canja will bow down to if they are elected to the LCC board on Nov. 3. I for one am sick and tired of politicians who have deep pockets because of powerful special interests.

We need LCC trustees who will represent students and families, not ones who sell out to the highest bidder.

— Susan Ostendorf Lansing

GDP rank proves Bernero effective

As I read through the Oct. 7 issue of the Lansing State Journal, I came upon an article titled “Lansing’s GDP second best in state for 2005-08 period.” The article highlighted a federal report stating that Lansing’s growth in domestic products has a ranking as one of the top three regions in the state. The article further states that this is all due to the strength of the local financial industry.

With this current article showing growth, why would you ever want to see a different mayor in office? The strategy for helping Lansing grow is working.

Businesses and jobs are coming to Lansing, helping industries and citizens. Mayor Virg Bernero is on the right path to get us out of this recession, and this article and the many that will follow are proving it.

I hope Lansing citizens support Mayor Bernero’s efforts for another four years this election day.

— Darla Artuso Lansing

Bernero backers not from Lansing

You can tell who a professional politician represents by where his money comes from.

Less than 30 percent of Mayor Virg Bernero’s campaign contributors were Lansing residents, as shown by the campaign finance report his people had to file with the county. And the biggest contributors in this group were firms whose owners, almost all of them, live outside of Lansing.

All in all, 70 percent of Bernero’s campaign money was from these outside sources, and 70 percent of Bernero’s contributors gave a non-Lansing home address — some from as far away as Detroit, Cleveland and New York.

Elect Carol Wood mayor. She represents the people who actually live here.

— Eugene Wanger Lansing

Support local restaurants

We as a community need to support our “mom and pop” eateries in Lansing.

I went into the Airport Tavern last Tuesday night for dinner and had the best steak I have had in a long time, and it was well worth the price. I could not have bought it at a grocery store for the cost of my tab.

I went back on Saturday and watched the game and had an awesome Reuben sandwich and my beer was only $2. My service was great, and it was at that point I realized we all need to support our very own local business more then we do.

— Kbnp From www.LansingCityPulse.com