Oct. 22 2009 12:00 AM

Property: 2206 W. Jolly Road, Lansing
Owner: Thomas and Robbyne Jones
Taxpayer: Thomas and Robbyne Jones
Assessed: $53,100 The garage
Owner says: Could not be reached for comment

Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: This is an example of how poorly executed additions can adversely affect a house. The original facade has been obscured by an addition of incorrect scale and character. The house is further compromised by the inconsistent use of exterior finish: The original structure was shingled, while the newer additions are finished in vinyl. The combination of additions and inconsistent siding making what was originally a very nice design appear haphazard.

A sign on the front door that reads “will return” is a joke and begs the question of how long the property has been waiting for the owners to return. The vinyl siding is faded and peeling, the gutter is falling off, the awnings over the windows are sagging and the roof is falling apart.

The garage is even worse, as almost all of the siding has turned brown from rot and is coming off; it would be impossible to even get into the garage because of the trees and brush growing in front.

The second drawing below shows the house at 2060 Jolly Road as it probably  looked prior to the numerous additions.

Eyesore_Diagram_October_21_2009.jpg Eyesore_Drawing_October_21_2009.jpg

DO: Add necessary
additions to your home to increase the square footage to fit the needs
of your family and for the future resale of the house. Additions should
only be added to the secondary elevations (rear and side) that are
designed to allow for the additions. This is an especially good idea
during an economic recession. Rather than moving into a large house, it
is a great idea to improve the one you already own by increasing the
square footage. You may find that with just an additional room or two,
the house you intended to live in for ten years will now suit your
needs for the next 20. Always consult an architect and use an
expert craftsman to ensure that the addition is a flawless extension of the
existing structure. For best results, an addition should be completed
with the same exterior finish as the original structure. A well
executed addition should appear as if it was part of the original

DON'T: Make the most common error by placing an addition
on the main facade of your house. Additions to the main facade are very
difficult to execute and more often than not, never quite look right, which compromises the  design of the house.
the secondary elevations (rear and sides) the main facade is not
designed for additions. Adding an addition to a main facade is like
adding a second chin to an already beautiful face. Please think twice
before adding
an addition to the facade because although additions do increase square
footage, poorly executed ones are costly to the home owner and rarely
increase the resale value of the home. 
you are contemplating an addition to the front facade, always consult an
architect to ensure the  results will enhance your house
rather than detract from it.

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