Oct. 28 2009 12:00 AM

Hell-ection sentiments

I am worried about this rapidly approaching event.

The one with streams of people at your door, threatening terrible repercussions if you don’t give them what they want. Many of us hide in our homes with the light off to try and escape.

Where people pretend to be something they’re not, and the goal is to get more than anyone else.

Where you’re confronted by super heroes and villains, bogeymen, monsters, ghosts from the past and death itself.

With scary displays all over the front lawn, it is a frightening time of year. If you’re not prepared, you could regret it for a long time.

I’m talking, of course, about election time. Make sure you vote Nov. 3.

— Charlie Barshaw Lansing

I am writing to give my support for Thomas Morgan for Lansing Community College trustee.

Thomas got his start in community college, and he knows how important it is as a first step toward success. Without the chance community college afforded him to get an education, he would not be where he is today. This is not just a political steppingstone for Thomas. He is running because he wants to help LCC realize its full potential.

Thomas Morgan has a plan to make LCC great. That means using LCC to bring the region’s economy into the 21st century. It means investing in LCC, and giving students access to quality teachers. If we skimp on teachers, we’ll be cheating our kids. And it means accountability and transparency.

When I look at the ballot, I see the names of people who have made LCC what it is, and I see the names of those who’ll make LCC great. I’m voting for greatness, not more of the same.

— Angela Vasquez-Giroux East Lansing

Michigan’s economy is struggling, and we must take aggressive action to attract new jobs, businesses and investments to Mid-Michigan. That’s why I am supporting Thomas Morgan, Robert Proctor and Lawrence Hidalgo in the Nov. 3 election for Lansing Community College board of trustees.

Morgan, Proctor and Hidalgo understand that LCC will play a critical role in training our workforce for the jobs Michigan needs, and they will fight every day to improve education and job training standards at LCC.

Please join me in voting for Thomas Morgan, Robert Proctor and Lawrence Hidalgo for LCC Trustee.

— Cathy Bacile Cunningham Lansing

Deb Canja and Larry Meyer embody the values of public service — integrity, collaboration and fiscal responsibility — needed to sustain Lansing Community College as a prime resource for our region. They have the experience and the understanding to make the tough decisions in the face of a challenging economy to balance the competing priorities of students and taxpayers. It is clear that they will continue access and affordability to create and sustain jobs.

It is without hesitation that I encourage voters across the Lansing region to join me in support of the Canja-Meyer slate. With Canja-Meyer, we are building Greater Lansing’s future together.

— Edward Woods III LCC Trustee

Lawrence Hidalgo, Thomas Patrick Morgan, and Robert Proctor have been endorsed for the Board of Trustee seats at Lansing Community College by the people who directly support, serve and educate LCC students. It is clear that their priority is to make sure that LCC students have the educational and people resources that they need to be successful.

Hidalgo, Morgan, and Proctor have relied on a grass roots campaign and received numerous small contributions from concerned individuals. Two other candidates have closely aligned themselves with big-money contributors. I am worried that these others will have a difficult time remaining truly objective if they are elected.

Hidalgo, Morgan, and Proctor believe that for LCC students, quality educational substance and quality people providing it are the priorities and that is why I’m voting for them on Nov. 3.

— Ed Bryant Holt

I want a Lansing mayor who will think and plan, not “fight” for me or swear at and debase Council members or claim to be the only one to “put public safety first.” Carol Wood will think, plan and act to keep the city safe.

I want a mayor who doesn’t promise to work “together” with me but then say “my way or the highway.” Togetherness isn’t just for those with money
who are looking to get something from the city. GM doesn’t build cars
in Lansing because of Bernero’s television hysteria. It decides by
looking at the bottom line. Carol will work thoughtfully with business
and industry and with all Lansing citizens.

want a mayor I can trust. I want to know my trust will be rewarded with
honesty. I don’t want a mayor who is “easily excited” and expects to be
continually pardoned for his bad behavior. I expect my mayor to require
department heads to answer citizens’ basic questions, not muffle them.
Carol is trustworthy and inclusive.

want a mayor who can see all the way to the city limits, not just to
downtown, and who will keep and properly maintain city assets and
infrastructure. Carol sees and knows all parts of the city and cares
for the neighborhoods we live in.

I want Carol Wood for Lansing’s next mayor. Please vote for her and suggest her to your friends and neighbors.

— Claude Beavers Lansing

As a lifelong
resident of the Lansing area, I have been energized by the positive
direction and momentum that has been going on in Lansing. It has been
exciting, despite the economic challenges of the day, to see the
impressive growth and movement to making Lansing a world class city. I
believe that this happens with energized leadership and people with a
positive vision for today and the future. Mayor Virg Bernero has been
an instrumental leader in downtown Lansing in creating and investing in
the area’s positive growth. Let’s keep moving in the right direction.

— Terry Carella Delta Township

Attention readers: You may have noticed we used a different look this week — election time can make you do crazy things. City Pulse will be back to normal next week, and Eye candy of the week will retun in two.