The decline of daily newspapers has produced a plus for Lansing: Please welcome James Sanford, City Pulse’s new arts and entertainment editor.

Sanford, 46, comes to us from The Kalamazoo Gazette, where he served for a decade in the A&E department, first reporting, then coordinating and overseeing its weekly entertainment publication, “Friday,” then doing the same for the Gazette’s Sunday A&E section. Kalamazoo TV viewers got to know him through his regular contributions to news programs on Kzoo’s Ch. 3. And statewide residents read his incisive film reviews on the Web site His writing won him two awards for film criticism and one for feature writing from the America Association of Sunday and Feature Editors.

Sanford also knows entertainment from the stage side. He began acting as a child and for six years was a member of an improv comedy troupe whose film, “Comic Evangelists,” was shown at the East Lansing Film Festival in 2007.

Sanford took a buyout offer — his second from the Gazette — a year ago.

“Seeing your ad brightened my day, even though it made me a liar as well,” Sanford wrote City Pulse. “After months of searching around, I had just told some friends there were no jobs for entertainment journalists in Michigan — and then I saw a wonderful possibility only an hour away. I am most happy to be proven wrong.”

Sanford replaces Eric Gallippo, whose three years as City Pulse’s arts and entertainment coverage (as well as numerous other contributions) helped make the paper the first choice of many residents. He has taken a position in marketing in Ann Arbor.

In December, City Pulse lost one more regular, Sara Norman, our production manager and ad designer for the last year. Replacing her is Patrick Nolan, who came aboard last year as our listings editor. And replacing him is Vince Joy, who is also a gifted artist who has already produced three covers.

As they say in The New Yorker, onward and upward with the arts.