Jan. 27 2010 12:00 AM

Troppo relocates across the street



The downtown Lansing eatery Troppo finally made its arduous journey across the street to its new location.

On Tuesday the Lansing fine dining staple, which was located at 101 S. Washington Square, moved across Michigan Avenue and into its new location at 120 N. Washington Square.

The new two-story building resembles a granite blockhouse with a gray, brick exterior and sharp right angles. The new building began construction last year with a $440,000 city development loan paired with private investments and offers the restaurant more than triple its pervious space.

The new building offers 17,000 square feet, a considerable upgrade from the 5,000 square feet at Troppos previous location. An expanded dinning room, bar and kitchen add to the bulging square footage, as do a new patio complete with a fireplace and banquet facilities located on the second floor.

Restaurateur Kris Elliot owns Troppo and still holds the lease to its old location. It is expected one of his other eateries, Tavern On The Square, will move from its current location down the street at 206 S. Washington Square to fill the vacancy left by Troppo.

Paul Vlahakis, of the company that owns the building where Troppo used to be located, says nothing is set in stone for Tavern On The Square to move into the empty space but that is the direction it is headed in.

When asked if Tavern On The Square would fit the atmosphere of the previous Troppo location, Vlahakis said, “I think we are looking for more of a fine-dining type setting. Troppo “I think Kris Elliott has some plans to change the concept (of Tavern On The Square).”

Vlahakis also added Elliott had possible remodeling plans to change the layout of the now-vacant restaurant.

But Vlahakis reiterated the main focus is on moving Troppo’s right now.

Troppo’s originally opened in East Lansing in 2000 and later moved to its downtown Lansing location in 2004.

Restaurant executives could not immediately be reached for comment on the potential Tavern relocation.

Troppo - 120 North Washington Square Open at 11 a.m. Monday-Saturday (517) 371-4000 www.troppo.org