Feb. 17 2010 12:00 AM

Tracking our mayor's gubernatorial travels

Welcome to our first installment in a column attempting to aggregate news about our very own gubernatorial candidate, Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero, as he campaigns around the state.

Bernero made three stops Feb. 8 as he officially announced his gubernatorial aspirations. He stopped first at a chassis manufacturing plant in Detroit, then in the afternoon at a Grand Rapids fire station, and his final stop was at the Lansing Center. The previous Friday, Feb. 5, Bernero was at the Renaissance Center in Detroit for a gubernatorial forum sponsored by the Michigan Education Association.

Last Wednesday, Bernero appeared in Grand Rapids at a regular meeting of the Kent County Democrats. The Democrats’ membership manager, Dorothy Scott, confirmed Bernero’s appearance and said, “Everything he said was important. I like the guy.”

Last Thursday evening, Bernero appeared on the Fox Business channel — the video is undoubtedly posted on YouTube by now — and around 8 p.m. made time to attend the “soft” opening of the new downtown bar, the Tin Can.

On Saturday, Bernero hung out with the 13th and 14th Congressional Democrats in Detroit, and later in the afternoon sped across the state to the annual convention of the Michigan Federation of College Democrats at Kalamazoo Valley Community College.

One last note of local import: Patrick McAlvey, a Bernero gubernatorial campaign staffer and head of his 2009 mayoral reelection campaign, confirmed that the campaign has opened its headquarters at 1905 E. Michigan Ave. — the same house used for the 2009 mayoral campaign.