May 14 2010 12:00 AM

Choreographer/dancer Cristina Perara shares her talent with three area arts companies

    spending a year working with Cirque du Soleil, internationally renowned dance
    instructor Cristina Perera will be coming to Lansing.

    who has worked with Mark Ruhala of the Ruhala Dance Center, will be spending
    the last half of May bringing her experience and dance techniques to three
    dance studios in Lansing. Happendance, Danceworks and the Ruhala Center will
    all feature classes by Perera, ranging from Latin jazz to advanced ballet.

    — who works as a freelance dance instructor in Asia, Europe, North America and
    South America — started dancing when she was 6, and since then, she says, it
    has been her “entire life.” She spent a year in Brazil as the artistic director
    of Cirque du Soleil’s “Alegria,” which she was “very intense work” and different
    than the world of dance she was accustomed to.

    says she brings her different dance techniques to many different people around
    the world because art is meant to be shared.

    is something that needs to be shared — otherwise, it does not survive,” she
    said. “If an artist does not share, he cannot be an artist. It is a
    necessity.It is important to fuse
    and embrace all the movements and the culture of the arts.”

    classes will begin at the Ruhala Center on May 17, and she will hold nine
    classes between the three studios, the last of which will be on May 27 at
    Happendance. For more information or to register, contact each of the schools.